Do you have a mission to share?

We are currently looking for guests to feature on our podcast. We can do both remote and in-person sessions. Share what you are passionate about and let others know your story. This is a great opportunity for artists, production companies, established brands, influencers and members of the festival community to be introduced to the FRW audience.

These application questions are meant to evaluate your personality and creativity. Have fun with your answers, show to us that you are essential to an interesting and compelling podcast episode. Let your personality shine through in your answers. Keep in mind, we will evaluate this as a business proposal. 


  • Grow your brand exposure.
  • Create fun and compelling content for your audience.
  • Network with passionate festival enthusiasts.
  • Highlight recent or upcoming events.

We are looking for all types of talents and skills. Please complete the form and we will get back to you to potentially push you through to the next steps.